Day One...

It happened.  My hair is gone.  Well, at least gone from my head.  I feel really nervous and jittery about it all.  I am wondering what I am doing and if I really needed to shave my head in order to achieve the goals I have for this project!  Deep down, I know I needed to.  I could have come up with my outline and gone over the information I wanted to teach, but I know this project will be much richer and have a lot more impact precisely because I have shaved my head.  

My head feels strange.  It feels tingly and tight--like I am wearing a skull cap.  I suppose I will get use to it over time.  I am not sure I will get use to seeing myself without hair, but I am sure eventually I will.  I just wanted to share a few photos from the process!  I am working on getting the video from facebook live linked here as well.