Losing It...

A hair loss project  focused on opening conversations and educating people about the many facets of hair loss—a condition that causes significant suffering for many people. 

On August 16th, I will shave my head and live without hair for three months.  Each week, I will post twice on Facebook.  On Wednesday evenings, I will talk about the emotional and social aspects of what it is like to live without hair.  On Sunday evenings, I will explore hair health, types of hair loss, what people experiencing them can expect and what can be done to help minimize the impact of hair loss

In mid-November, when my hair starts to grow out, I will delve into the world of hair pieces and weaves as well as other cosmetic options. 

I hope you learn something that makes life easier for you or someone you love!



Preparing for a Doctors Appointment Regarding Hair Loss


Hair Structure and Growth / Introduction to Hair Loss


Taking Care of the Hair You Have

Week One:  Taking Care of the Hair You Have