List of topics:

     Hair Care: Taking Care of the Hair You Have

     Hair Structure and Growth / Overview of hair loss

     What to expect when you see your dermatologist for hair loss

Focus on: Telogen Effluvium     

     Focus on: Androgenic Alopecia

    Focus on: Alopecia Areata

     Focus on: Lichen Planopilaris and Variants

     Focus on: Traction Alopecia and Tricotillomania

     What can you do? Over the counter topical and devices

     What can you do? Prescriptions

      What can you do? Other Approaches:  Natuorpathic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy...

     What can you do? Cosmetic Camofluge

     What can you do? Getting Support

     Exploring the hair industry: The world of wigs, weaves and extensions